Beginnng February 1st.  All new athletes will be required to attend a FREE EVALUATION CLASS before being placed in a class that is most appropriate for their ability level.  Once your athletes have attended the FREE EVALUATION you will then be able to register him/her in the appropriate class.  


*Please note that having a credit card on file with VCA is a requirement.  At registration please choose the best payment option for you.   Please contact the front desk with any questions regarding payment plans.  Any tuition not paid by the 15th of the month will automatically be charged to the card on file.  



Yearly $20 Registration Fee for all athletes


Tumble Academy Classes:


Students are automatically enrolled in the next months class.  If you wish to un-enroll  your athlete please do so before the 1st of the month so that no unwanted charges will occur.

Schedule a Free Trial Class by using the tab above!   


Novice Teams

Novice (Ages 6 and up)- $75 Registration Fee and $125/month (January, February, and March)- Includes tuition, uniform, competition registration for 2 competitions, music/choreography 




Pre-School (Ages 3-5)- $50/month 



Class Descriptions:


FUNdamentals: Basic Tumble Technique and Gym Etiquette and procedures

Bronze: Backwalkover and Front Walkovers

Silver- Backhandspring and Round off Backhandspring

Gold- Perfect Backhandspring and Round off Backhandspring Multiples

Platinum- Round off Backhandspring Tuck and Standing Mulitple Backhandsprings

Masters 1 & 2- Layouts and Fulls

Elite All Star

Elite All Stars is for our full year competition team. Placements are held in May and Practices begin in June.  Competitions are held during the months of November- April.  For more information visit our contact us page.   

Pre-School Tumble

This class is designed for athletes ages 3-5 and is 45 minutes in length.  It focuses on teaching body control, forward and backward rolls, Handstands, and cartwheels. The last 15 minutes will be used to teach jumps, stunts, and motion technique.    Athletes will also learn a short routine that they will perform at the end of the session.  


Novice is for athletes ages 5 and up (As of August 31st 2019) who would like to perform at local competitions.  They will learn a 1:30 routine and be rated at competitions based on their performance.  No placement is required for this team. 

Tuition Includes: 

Montly class tuition, uniform, choreography/music fee, competition registration for 2 competitions.  White cheer shoes are required but are not included in the price.  

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are designed to help athletes specifically on tumbling skills.  Each class is designed to work on a specific skill set.  Please be sure your athlete meets the minimum requirement before registering. 

Tiny Novice Pre-Team

This class is for ages 3-5 and will teach tumbling, jumps, motions, and a short routine that will be performed at our Fall Showcase.  

Classes are $55/month and include a VCA tank top.

Tumble Academy

The Tumble Academy is a guided program with curriculum, lesson plans, athlete activity worksheets and so much more.  The Tumble Academy curriculum were created by some of the best tumbling instructors in the industry.  Each student will receive a medal when they advance from class to class and once they enter our Master’s Tumbling program (advanced level skills) they will receive a very cool t-shirt to set them apart!  

Special Events

These are 1 day/night themed events held at the gym.